Thanks for stopping by! I am on a sabbatical from taking new orders at this time.  

If you are a previous customer and have a question or a small cake request, please email and I will get back with you. (Responses may take a couple days.) Only previous customers can be considered at this time. Thank you for understanding!

 Are you licensed?

Yes - Home Run Cakes, LLC is a home run business that has been inspected by the State of Ohio and has received licensing as a home bakery. This means that unlike a cottage industry bakery, I can sell outside of state lines, I can sell items that require refrigeration, and I can do all the other things a store-front bakery can do -- though I promise your cake won't be baked up to three years in advance and sit in a freezer, like your local grocery cake could be. ;-)

Do you deliver?

Yes! My cakes will be delivered FREE for all orders over $150 within 25 miles of my location (in Blacklick). For smaller orders or if you are farther than 25 miles from my location a small delivery charge of $10 ($5 per way) will be added to cover fuel and time costs for the first 50 miles. Deliveries farther than 50 miles from Blacklick will incur additional time and fuel costs, based on standard fuel recovery charts. Most cakes can also be arranged for pickup at my location. I insist on delivering all wedding cakes or event cakes three tiers or higher. Many bakers tell you if you don't want to pay for delivery, that you pick the cake up yourselves. Even on wedding cakes. I just can't understand how anyone would want a bride or groom or wedding family member to pick up their own wedding cake on their day! Delivering a stacked cake higher than two tiers is stressful, and I don't consider these cakes to be complete until they are fully assembled at the reception. I don't consider it to be an "extra" service, which is why I don't tack on a huge delivery fee.

Home Run Cakes, LLC - From scratch, natural cakes for every occasion!

How much do your cakes cost?

My cakes are priced per serving, depending on the complexity of your design and the number of servings or tiers. Fondant (homemade and delicious) will cost slightly more per serving, just because it's an additional layer of ingredients that need to be purchased and made. (All fondant designs include both buttercreme covering plus the additional fondant overlay.) Designs with extensive gum paste work can increase the cost, as well as carved cakes.

The following are typical or average ranges of cake prices. The price may vary up or down depending on your design. Please contact me with your needs to get a specific quote:

Multi-tiered cake average: $3.50 to $4.50 per serving

Single tiered layer cake average: $2.50 to $3.50 a serving

Sheet cake (no filling) average: $2.25-$3 a serving

Kitchen cakes (sheet cake style, but the same four layers of cake and three layers of filling as a layered cake, although simply frosted in buttercreme with no decoration) average: $ 2.75 a serving

Cupcakes, standard size: $2.25 - $2.50 each

I also don't charge more the instant the word "wedding" is mentioned -- I used to be a wedding planner; trust me, it happens more than you'd like to think. My typical wedding cake (or other stacked, fondant-ed and filled cake), will average the same as a non-wedding, multi-tiered cake: $3.50-$4.50 per serving, for a standard cake flavor, buttercreme or fruit filling, buttercreme frosting and top covering of homemade fondant, if desired (or needed, in the case of most outdoor weddings). Extensive gum paste or fondant work other than the basic overlay, just as in non-wedding cakes, will incur additional cost. Just calling it "a wedding cake" will not. :)

Please contact me with the number of people you will need the cake for, and a few ideas as to what kind of cake and design you are looking for, and I'm happy to discuss pricing in specifics with you.  

Can I have more than one flavor on a cake?

Absolutely! Get creative! For any cake 32 servings or more, I can do more than one flavor in your cake. For example, on a three tier wedding cake, you can pick a different flavor combination on each tier, if you so choose, or if you are wanting a two tier birthday cake, I could make each tier contain one layer of chocolate and one layer of vanilla. There will be a small additional cost for multiple cake flavors over 2 flavors, in addition to any charge for non-basic flavors. (See the page called Cakes and Frostings for flavor options.)

How much advance notice is needed for a cake order?

The short answer is, order as soon as you know your date! Dates book up even months in advance, so if you want to guarantee that I can get a cake for you on your date, please call to book as soon as possible. Even if you don't know a guest count, color scheme or event location, it's best to secure your date as soon as you have it, and the details can be worked out at a later time. That said, I generally need at least 5 days advance to purchase ingredients and prepare a custom cake order. If you need a cake for Saturday and it's Monday or Tuesday, you can still contact me to see if it would be possible. I could very possibly get you in, but if I have a big order for that weekend or a family commitment coming up, I may have to turn down the order. As this is a custom order shop, I usually will do no more than two cakes per weekend, and only one when the cake is a large order such as for a wedding.

A list of fully booked dates is shown at this link. If a date is listed on this page, we cannot book any more orders for that date.

 Do you require a deposit when placing a cake order?

I require a $20 deposit when placing an order for under 75 servings. This $20 deposit is applied toward the total cost of your cake. This holds your date, but the main reason for the deposit is because it helps cover the cost of your ingredients. I like to purchase new, fresh ingredients for each cake I make. 

For wedding cakes or other orders for 75 servings or more, the deposit is 25% of your total. This deposit amount is applied to your balance due.

Please note that after contacting me and discussing your cake, if you have left me your name, email address and phone number I will be happy to let you know if there has been another request for your date prior to booking the date you wanted, but unfortunately, unless you have sent a deposit, I cannot guarantee that a previously discussed date is still open. Thank you for your understanding! Deposits can be sent to my address by check, money order or cash. Prior to posting a payment by mail, please first contact me to make sure your date is available. Credit card payments may be made either in person or online via Square invoicing.

For more information about how to order your cake, see the Order Info page.

Do you have an order minimum? 

I will happily create any cake to fit your needs, whether for a big or small event. However, as every cake is a custom made creation for you, I do have a minimum investment of $100 for any custom cake order. Noted exceptions to this policy being: 

  • a small first anniversary cake for a couple for whom I have previously created a wedding cake;
  • a first birthday cake for the first child of a former wedding couple; or
  •  a bridal shower cake for a bride (or the bridal party member of the same) who has already ordered and put down a deposit for a future wedding cake.

If you are only wanting, for example, a tiny stacked cake with a 4 inch top tier and a 6 inch bottom tier, this would not meet the minimum order amount by serving price alone, so to meet the minimum, either the minimum of $100 will be charged, or you may choose to add additional cupcakes to round up the cost.

What are your cake and frosting flavor options?

If you can dream it, I can probably make it, but I do have some personal favorites. You can chose from the basic list for my most popular flavors, or get creative with some premium flavor cakes or fillings. Don't feel limited because it's called "premium". As a scratch baker, I'm baking anyway, so I don't charge a "premium" price for non-basic flavors -- you just cover the actual raw cost of the additional ingredients needed. The average cost for premium flavors is between $5-7 per 25 servings. See the Cakes and Fillings page for more information.


What about allergies to nuts?

Unfortunately, since this is a home run business, I cannot guarantee that your cake has not come into contact with any nuts, even if your cake itself isn't nutty.  I CAN guarantee that nothing in my cakes or frostings will contain even a bit of hydrogenated oil or high fructose corn syrup. Gluten-free cakes can also be made upon request, for additional cost.

Allergen and ingredient information can be provided upon request, and will also be provided with every cake delivered. 


What Makes Your Cakes Different?

Cake mixes are cheap and easy. I can buy enough cake mix to make two large cakes for just a few bucks. Unfortunately, the ingredients in those cake mixes are not good for your body. They are made to be cheap, and like many cheap, processed foods, they are made with hydrogenated oil.  All of my cakes are from scratch, using all REAL ingredients -- real unsalted butter, organic/cage free eggs, real vanilla and flavorings, baking soda and powder, and plain cake flour. If you want a chocolate cake, I use dutch processed cocoa and/or melted Ghirardelli chocolate, depending on the recipe.

It's not as easy to start from scratch, but it's worth it. No, non-hydrogenated cakes can't be called "healthy" (mmm, butter...), but your body knows how to process REAL food. Chemical sludge? Not so much.


Just What is Buttercreme and How is Yours Different?

Those crisp, sharp, bright white frostings you see in all bakery cakes? That's not buttercreme. It may have artificial butter flavoring added to it, but it's usually made with 100% shortening mixed with powdered sugar. That slimy aftertaste that stays in your mouth after a bite of bakery cake? It's not butter.

If you notice in some of my gallery cakes, typically all-butter BUTTERcreme isn't as pure white; it appears more off-white/cream colored. That's the only "negative" to real buttercreme frosting, if you are expecting a shockingly bright white cake.

The upside of my frosting? It is SO good. My standard buttercreme frosting is a fluffy swiss meringue buttercreme. It is so amazingly yummy. It is light and fluffy, and not sickeningly sweet. This is what I use on all my cakes, even those that are covered in fondant. (The buttercreme is the "under layer".) I also offer a chocolate or white chocolate buttercreme frosting, which is my same meringue buttercreme with melted Ghirardelli chocolate mixed in. Yum.

My homemade fondant actually TASTES good. I've tried pre-made fondant, and fondant at many weddings (I used to be a wedding planner), that were just unpalatable. Just so gross, all you could do was peel off the fondant layer. What a waste. Being homemade, I can make my fondant actually worth eating. My standard fondant is sugar and gelatin based, with natural vanilla extract. 




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